2020 Festival

Reimagining Tomorrow

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Reimagining Tomorrow follows Adjua, a Black queer artist and organizer, as they create an art project that answers the question "How do you reimagine your reality?" What happens next is a heartfelt story filled with love, struggle, and an invitation into a more loving world.

Reimagining Tomorrow PosterSerena Violet Hodges and Sarah Oberholtzer

Serena Violet Hodges and Sarah Oberholtzer are filmmakers who met in Chicago with a passion for radical storytelling. Serena is based in Los Angeles with deep roots in the Midwest and holds a B.A. from DePaul University in Documentary Production. Most recently, Serena had the honor of working on a 5 part documentary series, ASIAN AMERICANS, which will air on PBS in May 2020. Although they grew up in the LA area, Sarah is now based in Chicago with a B.A. in Radio, Television + Film from Northwestern University. Sarah currently teaches video production to high school youth thanks to a partnership between PBS NewsHour and a youth media organization in Chicago. Both Serena and Sarah believe in the process of filmmaking as an opportunity to build community and the power of film as a means to tap into our collective imaginations.

10 minutes
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