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2019 Festival

September 27-28, 2019 at Cinema Detroit (4126 Third Street, Detroit)

We screen films at Detroit's only independent theater, Cinema Detroit. There is street parking and a parking lot available at Cinema Detroit for festival-goers.
For 2019, we have switched to a donation-based system! Admission to all events is free with a recommended donation of $10 per event.

CINEMA DETROIT logo 4126 Third Street 48201 - Since 2013 - Independent non-profit arthouse cinema - 7 days a week - FREE off-street parking
This archival page is still under construction. The award-winning films and official selections will be listed here.

Accessibility & Potential Barriers


Some films are captioned or subtitled. We will list them soon!

Not all filmmakers are able to caption their films. If you or someone you know is willing to donate your time to help caption/subtitle films, please contact us!


The building has 3 restrooms: Men, Women, All Genders. There is a 3 inch ramp to access the hallway with the restrooms.

The Men's restroom has a 34 inch door, one small stall (34"x72") and one urinal. The sink is __ inches tall.

The Women's restroom has two stalls ( ). The sink is __ inches tall.

The All Genders restroom is a single stall room with one handrail next to the toilet. The sink is __ inches tall.

Entrance and Lobby

Cinema Detroit is on one floor with no stairs. Entering the building, there is one wide sidewalk ramp (has some small cracks) at the entrance and pull-handle double doors.

The lobby has several couches and living room chairs, no events are held directly in the lobby.

Cinema Detroit does not have automatic doors anywhere on the premises.

front entrance to cinema detroit with double doors and cracked concrete ramp
Theater 1

There is a 3-inch ramp and double doors to enter Theater 1.

Theater 1 has approximately 80 seats and four types of seating. All seating except the red chairs with cupholders can be moved to accommodate a wheelchair or any other mobility device.

The red chairs with cupholders are 20-21 inches wide and the armrests do not move. The black chairs are 16-19 inches wide and the armrests do not move. There are also tall chairs with no arms at the back of the theater that sit 30 inches off the ground.

Ramp to Theater 1
Theater 2 (also called the Screening Room)

There is a 3-inch ramp and a inch door to enter Theater 2. The lane down the side of the

Theater 2 has approximately 16 seats, ranging from couches and loveseats to armless chairs. The couches are cushioned and low to the ground (about 16 inches). Chairs can be moved to accommodate a wheelchair or any other mobility device.

Ramp to restrooms and Theater 2
4 rows of seating with two couches, a loveseat, 4 armless chairs, and two armchairs

If you have any concerns regarding accessibility, please always feel free to reach out to our board of directors. The following people have been designated to address accessibility concerns:

Hawthorn Stabler, Treasurer

Lauren Corneliussen