2020 Festival
Parenting (or lack of)

Mother's Day

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What do people who have lost their mothers do on Mother's Day? And what about people who have Mothers' lost a child? Mother's Day is the story of two women who are trying to come in terms with different losses, and ultimately they change the course of each other's lives.

Merve Cagla Dincer was born in a casual October night in 1989 in Diyarbakir/Turkey. Since her childhood she is interested in telling stories and gathering people around. After high school years she studied Sociology and made her Master degree in Culture and Cinema. Since 2012 she has been working as 1st AD. This year she completed her first fiction movie in Istanbul and then she moved to Berlin in 2018. Her biggest passion is to create ideas, impress people and create production processes.

8 minutes
Parenting (or lack of)
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