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Invisible Men

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The situation of the transgender male population in prison from the health problems caused by the gender binary that underlies the penal system.

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Luis Carlos de Alencar

Luis Carlos de Alencar is from Bahia, Brazil, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Postgraduate in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies at M_EIA, from Cape Verde Art Institute; Postgraduate in Communications and Image from PUC-Rio; Graduated in Law from Universidade Federal da Bahia. Partner in the production company Couro de Rato, directed Contagem Regressiva (Countdown), which received an award in Rio WF 2016 for Best Documentary and Best Soundtrack, was also nominated for Best Script, was shown in several countries, received an honored mention in Festcine Amazonia and Best Documentary: 60 Seconds or Less Video Festival – Chestertown/ United States; directed the documentary Bombadeira (The pain of the beauty), taken to more than 30 national and foreign festivals and laureated with the award from RedeTrans - 10 years of Bombadeira, for the work contribution to the transexual community. Currently directs the feature film "Não é a primeira vez que lutamos pelo nosso amor", or as translated "It's not the first time we fight for our love", about the LGBT community and the military dictatorship; the short film "Homens Invisíveis" (Invisible Men), about transexual men and the prison system; and the ESPN series "Corpos Periféricos" (Peripheric Bodies). Worked as Assistant Director for 5 documentary series in several channels as Globosat – Canal HD+, TV Brasil, Canal Curta!, Canal Brasil, CineBrasil TV and in more than 50 jobs in several production companies in feature films, medium and short films.

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