2020 Festival
Barefoot 'N' Wild

Because You're Mine

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Torn by the farewell letter of his boyfriend, Samuel tries to change his ideas in nature. The forest will bring him a strange and sensual consolation...

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Born in Saigon (Vietnam), Jean-Baptiste Huong is a director, editor and image designer based in Paris. His work has always been heavily influenced by Cinematography – a subject he studied for several years at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

Because of his background, Jean-Baptiste Huong is very precise when it comes to staging his photographs: he likes to set a scene, usually in natural decors, with his models being true characters and their poses showing movements.

His frames all tell a Story. And even if he likes to feature partially or fully naked men, he does so with a Sense of Poetry and Sensibility.

Jean-Baptiste Huong’s work has been followed massively for years on social media. His pictures have been used for books covers and exhibited throughout Europe. « Secret Places » was his first portfolio art book published by Bruno Gmuender and released in 2016.

12 minutes
Explicit on-screen sex
Barefoot 'N' Wild
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