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Because They Love Me

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Poll knows many stories from friends that have suffered rejection, physical abuse and humiliations coming from their families, for being lesbians, gays or transgender. If families preach love, why do they do that? With these questions, Poll who doesn't feel female or male and who has expressed their lesbian attitude from a very young age, gathers their numerous family that lives in the neighborhood Siloe (Comuna 20) in Cali, Colombia, to ask them a very simple yet very deep question: Why do you love me? This short film is a tribute from Poll to their family where love thrives over prejudices and stereotypes and is also a call for other families to defeat their fears and choose to love.

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Poll Andrium Landazury Hurtado. Sexo: el que se me pega la gana. Edad: 39 años. Activista, feminista, cantante y bailarine. Nací en la ciudad de Cali en la Comuna 20 (Siloe), en “Brisas de mayo”. Soy alegre, graciosa y ruda cuando es necesario, soy artista empírica desde los 11 años, activista desde los 19 y amante desde siempre. En lo audiovisual soy bastante principiante, me gusta mucho lo que permite expresar este medio. Mi primer cortometraje es “Porque me quieren”, realizado durante mi participaciÃn en la Escuela Audiovisual Al Borde.

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